spinner update

spinning fiber going up in the shop today!

update 5/5

1. mulberry, 2. hucklemul, 3. huckleberry, 4. elderlime, 5. elderberry, 6. unripe, 7. tomato, 8. salmato, 9. salmonberry

note that the top middle and bottom middle are mixed matches of the ones to the sides of them, and thus are named accordingly ;)

other stuff:

– my friend stephanie has embarked on a dyeing adventure of her own and is giving away a free skein of sock yarn. go here to enter! and to admire her new lendrum spinning wheel :)

– the fabulous jane has made a flickr group for the fiber clubs, and there is now also a dedicated thread in the rav group. don’t forget to share your spinnings and knittings!  there are also now dedicated rav threads to show off stuff done with my patterns and to show off just anything you’re working on from spinning to recycling to knitting.  it can all be found here.

– i totally forgot to share may’s newsletter with you all – here it is.. i’ve also added a way for you to follow this blog by getting it delivered to your email. if that’s more convenient to you, you can sign up to the right under the newsletter sign up.

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