the first day, i bought 3 fleeces and dropped them off at zeilingers for processing. i’m thinking future farm wool fiber club for these – white finn, a giant fine, but nothing in particular fleece that went from silver to light tan, and a long staple corriedale that is off white.

the second day, i poked around at some farm booths for yarn to design with and came back with these beauties

Persimmon Tree Farm – Barnyard Yarn – 50% mohair/50% wool – giant 8 oz skein, 400 yds

50/50 wool/mohair

this stuff is beautiful and soft and fuzzy. she had several wool mohair blends and i bought this because it is the one that is made out of her flock of angora goats – the other was commercial. however, i was also impressed by how pretty the hand dyed stuff was, whether her flock or commercial.

50/50 mohair/wool

and my other yarn purchase was this lovely stuff

Corriedale and Corriedale cross woolen spun yarn from Solitude

woolen corriedale

oh my goodness, how i love what this company/farm is doing! breed specific yarns from many different breeds. i’m planning to try their shropshire baby yarn and icelandic at some point.

woolen corriedale

and then i got a bee in my bonnet to do a farm wool blend fiber club. i know a farm with goats that does wool/mohair blends in OH and  I managed to snag some angora/shetland blend from the rosefield. pondering, pondering!

other than buying stuff, i spent a good deal of time getting sun burnt, hanging out with good friends, and eating not so good for me food. BUT! the lion’s club was the best, coming through with the real ice cream and letting us fill our water bottles at their fountain drink dispenser.  the balance from saturday to sunday is huge at this show – saturday was hot, packed full of people, and crazy.  sunday was humid, leisurely, and much less intense.  needless to say, i needed monday to recuperate.

6 thoughts on “mds&w

  1. Man, I wish I’d have gone down on Sunday! I couldn’t go Sat. due to other commitments, but those things left me so sapped of energy that I couldn’t get it together to make the drive! Oh well. Looks like you had fun! :)

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