8 oz conundrum

so. i’m having issues. i kept 2 4 oz braids of the first fiber club offering – croci – for myself.

falkland fiber club croci

and i spun it. looks like aran weight but knits best on 10.5 US needles – 424 yds and 4 sts/in.

falkland fiber club - croci

and now i want to make myself something out of it. i’m rather used to 4 oz skeins – and i know what to do with them – socks. hats. mitts/mittens.  baby stuff. but what to do with the 8 oz. that is not a scarf or child/baby sweaterage? it’s a bit of a conundrum.  i feel like there just aren’t that many middle sized things to knit.  if a make a project that is too small, i’ll have a bunch left over. i think i’d rather add another yarn to it and make something. what would you do with 8 oz of handspun?

p.s. i’ve started a sweater with it plus another yarn. we’ll see!
p.p.s. there’s still one spot in the farm wool fiber club – information over here.

16 thoughts on “8 oz conundrum

  1. your p.s. was going to be my suggestion! the yoke to a sweater where the body of the sweater is a different yarn. i think that is what i’m going to do with mine.
    it can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

  2. Ooh, I adore the colours. Me, I’d just lock it up in a shadowbox and put it somewhere I could look at the lovely yarn every day…

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