yarn! and a class

just some nice handspun for you today :) one braid of this roving is still in the shop. mine had less orange and more of the light cherry.

a lighter than bulky weight subtle stripes skein – part of the reason i make these very bulky all the time is that it is easier to control getting complete stripes that way. maybe i’ll start giving 1/4 oz more of the main color in the kits so that it compensates for thinner spinning.  hmmm.


and finally rachel and i have been into the drum carder lately… so a springy yellow yarn made from misc wool – including falkland, scraps from a batt i bought from someone else, and mill ends.

singles from a bunch o batts

i’ve also started knitting with some handspun before i could take a photo (ahem).  this roving.  the knitting is the up-sizing of the baby beau.


P.S. if you’re in the pgh area – i’m teaching drop spindling through the calliope school for folk music. you can check it out here.

2 thoughts on “yarn! and a class

  1. How much are you upsizing the baby beau? I would love to make one for my sub 1yo niece and another for my 3yo niece.

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