more babies!

if you thought last year was the year of the baby over here (this, this, this and this should be proof enough!)… check again.  4 more due this year to dear friends!  but alas, these two are not currently headed to any of those. (that makes the last 3 years baby numbers as such 2-5-4).


golden baby beau (rav link)

golden baby beau

this one is heading to tara, as a shop sample for my patterns. she’ll also have a couple of baby beau kits and this reflection hat. that said, this one was knit directly from the kit and none of these pictures capture the beauty and depth of the yellow.  i’m selfishly happy that i have a small ball of it left over to use to my own purposes.

melon surprise (rav link)

melon bsj

this one was knit, well, just because.  i think i needed something quasi-brainless and this garter stitch fit the bill.  it will go to a babe, just not sure which one yet. both yarns are hand dyed recycled sweater that i knew were destined for baby sweaterdom. the green/blue is a cashmere blend and the melony orange is an angora blend. both are so unbelievably soft and lovely.  i had also always wanted to try ribbed cuffs on a bsj.  i was skeptical, but now i think they’re kinda cute.  i didn’t do EZ’s cuff shaping then picked up and ribbed later.

p.s. in case you were really worried about all those spring babies not getting their sweaters – this one has already gone to the first of the four. she was born early this month.  the rest of the babies are late summer and on, so i’ve a while.

5 thoughts on “more babies!

  1. Too funny you mention Tara @ blondechickenboutique – I received a gift certificate from her etsy shop, and I bought some fluffy pink cotton. It’s on my “to cast on” list as a Baby Belle :-)

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