fiber clubs! questions and a prize

i got a new batch of falkland in the mail yesterday, so i’m ready to start at least one version of the fiber club. and i’m going to dye monday and tuesday… so i have questions for you all, because i have waaaay too many ideas.


i’m hoping to keep a falkland club up at most times, because it’s the one wool i can get in large quantities which is soft, squishy, fun to spin, and environmentally friendly to both the sheep and the earth.

striping yarn club?

do you want the option to opt out of one particular color?

color based? variations on a particular color? this would allow for some plying together.  EDIT: for instance, variations on blue.  you might get a light blue based, dark grey/blue and a bright.

mostly white with bits of color?

is it important to you to have the option of a double batch of the colorway?

would you rather i do whatever i want to do?

any other input?

and what’s in it for you? spinning fiber!  a falkland subtle stripes spinning kit is up for grabs.  i have several for the winner to choose from.  give me your opinions by sunday at 9 pm eastern.  i’ll announce the winner on monday.


p.s. i’m also working on a farm wool club!  but that will take me a bit longer to organize.

20 thoughts on “fiber clubs! questions and a prize

  1. Striping would be fun. I don’t think the option to opt out of a particular color is important.

    I’m not sure I know what you mean by this: “color based? variations on a particular color? this would allow for some plying together.”

    I’d prefer mostly colored, with a little white OK, but preferably not mostly white with bits of color.

    Having the option for a double batch isn’t important to me personally, but I can see it mattering to other people.

    I’d say, do whatever you want. :) People are signing up for your club, and at least part of their decision to do so is because they like the things you’re known for.

    I love that you’re keeping it environmentally friendly, to sheep and people.

  2. I’m excited about a falkland wool club, because I love the fiber and it’s animal and environmental friendliness.

    I think the striping idea is a good one. I’d like to try it and haven’t yet.

    I can’t imagine wanting to opt out of a color. I like colors and you have a such a great eye for them.

    A color based club would be neat too. Like every month you choose a color to be your muse. I wouldn’t think you would have to stick to variations of that color, but the color could be your launching point.

    I don’t like the option of mostly white with bits of color. I prefer lots of color, though some white is fine.

    Having the option of a double batch isn’t important to me personally.

    I think you should do what you want! If it’s interesting to you the results should be great.

    I’m looking forward to it.

  3. I’ve never spun falkland, but it sounds like a lovely choice, especially when dyed with green dyes.

    I like the idea of stripes, but I also think sometimes people will want something more subtle. That’s where the idea you had with shades of one color really sounds lovely to me; you could even do stripes with that as the main color for one month, and then different shades for the next two (or however long the club will be, etc.).

    I think more saturated fiber rather than mostly white would be best for me. People will be doing this because they love the way you play with color, right? I have a feeling they want lots of fun mixes!

    As far as the double batch, I could see some people wanting that option. However, since your dying seems so one of a kind, I think they’d be okay without it, too.

    And all this is to say that you should do what you want and what feels fun. Fiber clubs allow people to try new things, both in fiber and in color, and they usually sign up with very little idea of what they’re getting. I think your having fun and experimenting will yield some amazing results.

    • do what you want! we like what you do and know it’ll turn out great.

      that said, you did ask for opinions… ;)

      striping yarn club: depends on how long the commitment is for. eventually, everything we’re knitting will be striped! :) maybe mix it up? sometimes stripes sometimes not?

      i like the idea of variations on a single-color theme. that way you can do stripes, or not, and add other colors to compliment also.

      i don’t think you need to allow opting out of a color. also, probably stick with mostly-colorful wool; i like the white with spots of color, but only as a surprise thrown in every once in a while.

      i don’t need a double batch. you could always just not offer it and reconsider if someone fusses about it.

      do what you want! we’re excited about it. :)

  4. I am part of a fibre club now. My favorite part is the surprise. It is alawys a different fibre and different colour. It might not be a colour or fibre I like (which is rare) but it stretches my comfort zone. We do get an option to buy more which I like too. Congrats! It sounds exciting! I wish you still lived in Vancouver.

  5. I have never done a fiber club, but if I were to do one, I’d want a lot of variety in what was offered in terms of fiber and color both, with a double option, and little to no natural color shipments. That being said, I hope it goes well for you and you’re not forced to fake your own death or develop a highly dramatic life like so many other yarnie/fibery club people have. (that’s a joke of course!)

  6. I like the idea of stripes and variations on one color. I would prefer mostly color with a little white over lots of white with a little color. At this point a double batch isn’t important to me as I’m just starting out spinning, but I can see how in the future it might be something I would like.

    I also really really like the idea of it just being a surprise every month! I think it would be fun to have different colors, stripes one month and maybe the variations on a single color theme the next month, and then something totally different the next month, etc. If it was a surprise like this every month I wouldn’t mind have the white with just a bit of color sometimes as well. It’s nice to change things up :)

    The farm wool club sounds interesting too!

  7. A striped yarn club sounds fun.

    Most of the fiber clubs I have seen don’t allow for color choices, so that would be fun. In that same vein, you could created clubs based on a “theme” like a time of year, or picture or place and pull colors out of that. Like a cloud club, or spring or jewel tones, etc.

    I also like the idea of a farm wool club. When will that be available?

  8. I think signing up for a fibre club means getting whatever suits the dyer’s fancy. I personally like the idea of variation. So maybe one month is striping, another is variations on a colour, etc. Variety is the spice of life.

  9. First off I love the idea of being able to double up, especially if a club would normally be aprox. 4oz. I don’t think I’d like a striping club, however it would be good to have striping kits as a monthly shipment, the same goes for the color variation. As for mostly white with bits of color, not for me, I like to have color with maybe some bits of white. Surprises are nice too, but if you’re not sure what you want to do, maybe give the members a few choices and let them vote on which they prefer. Also I like the idea of paying monthly rather than all up front. I was in a yarn club where you made a commitment for a year and paid monthly. If your payment was not recieved by a specific date they were authorized to charge the credit card that you had on file with them so that they weren’t out any money.

  10. I say do what you want! The fun of a fiber club is the surprise of it, and the fact of sometimes receiving something one normally might not buy…then getting to figure out how to spin it up (kind of like a CSA…I’d never say no to rutabagas, but then when they come, it’s like, hmm…how to make *these* delicious?!).

    Striping fiber is a great idea and would be fun to spin, as well as variations on one color. I think that white with bits of color would also look cool.

    Anyone who signs up for your fiber club is already going to love what you do with color, so I’d say keep it simple enough for yourself that it stays fun (that is, not too many options for the subscribers).

  11. fiber club sounds so exciting! as a new spinner i am totally into trying lots of different colors, i think it should be a surprise and entirely up to you. all of your colors are always so gorgeous!
    except – i love the sound of stripes!
    by double batch do you mean if someone wants to get more of one of the colors they could? because if so, that would appeal to me. whenever i buy hand dyed fiber i buy all i can of my favorite color ways, they’ll never be exactly the same the next time.

  12. Err… a little bit of everything? Some stripey, some white, some tonal, some whatever :-) I pretty much always like your rovings and experimenting with differently color stylings is half the fun.

    I hope somebody buys me a membership for my really-quite-near birthday, ahemfamilyandfriends.

  13. I’m only going to answer one of your questions: would you rather I do whatever I want to do?… yes! If people are reading your blog and signing up for your fiber club, they love what you do… so you should do it! I also think the element of surprise is a lot of fun and I am very excited to learn more about your new club.

  14. I think the fun of the club is not knowing what you are getting. I think you could use a different idea for each installment as inspiration. One time based on cooler, one time based on specific fiber, one time based on stripes, one time based on plying, etc. I also like the idea of having the option to get a double portion.

  15. striping yarn club?
    Striping would be fun, especially if the color changes were gradual and not wildly different colors. Like slowly shifting from green to blue to purple or other like color blends.
    do you want the option to opt out of one particular color?
    I guess it would be nice for others, but I’d rather be surprised and exposed to colors I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards.

    color based? variations on a particular color? this would allow for some plying together. EDIT: for instance, variations on blue. you might get a light blue based, dark grey/blue and a bright.
    Both sounds nice. I just like color.
    mostly white with bits of color?
    Yes! I love spinning fiber dyed like this, I end up with lovely heathered hues. The bits of color should be really dark saturated hues for best effect, I think.
    is it important to you to have the option of a double batch of the colorway?
    It would be nice.
    would you rather i do whatever i want to do?
    That would work too – your stuff always looks so nice that I would be willing to just trust your judgment!

    any other input?
    When would it start and how much would it cost? Could it be a month by month club, or would I have to sign on for the whole duration? I’m interested, but $$ is always a factor too…

  16. I love your Falkland fiber, it’s finer and softer than other Falklands! Yay for a fiber club.

    Subtle Stripes are awesome, that is my preference, and getting a double batch would be very nice, too.

    Opting out of a surprise (unknown or to be created) colorway sounds complicated. This would be hard for me to decide before seeing and feeling the fiber.

    I would want 6-8oz at a time so I can make something more than a small item. Maybe sell trim colors in the shop that coordinate with the club colors?

    Paying in installments would be great, with a deposit up front?

    I’m so excited :D

  17. Ack! Did I miss the contest??? Just got back from vacation and checking on the status of the fiber club, see it’s a “go”! Yay! I’m off to check it out…
    Vicki (nonaofsav on Rav)

  18. Hey Cosy! This is so cool. Anna told me that you had a knitting book. I found it on Amazon. I’m still crocheting and just picked up knitting. I’m so excited for you. Congrats!

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