remember these hats? well, my prep for homespun yarn party has included making not just subtle stripes yarns, but also shifting stripes yarns. and this sample.

shifting stripes tube

what is it, you ask? i haven’t the slightest :D but it shows off the yarn well.

shifting stripe tube

i knit it on size 17 needles because they were all i could find besides the 11s that made my hands hurt. unless you need a stiff fabric, if the yarn plus needles makes your hands hurt – don’t do it! this is an especially good rule with handspun that can be very deceptive in the way it looks and what needle size you should be using.

10 thoughts on “shifty

  1. The rule I was taught with handspun is that just like with regular yarn, you double it, and put it through the holes in a needle gague to find the right size needle. With millspun, you take the needle size that your yarn fits through easily. With handspun, you go up two needle sizes.

  2. what about a cowl thingy? it’s pretty much the same shape as the cowl i made up with some of my first handspun, and it works beautifully. soft and warm!

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