kingscot: work in progress

i’m still working on my kingscot.  joining the other wool workers who now have time to knit for themselves.  or, rather, to knit whatever they want.

olive kingscot

i officially have 2 arms and most of a back. i’m making the medium.  i don’t think i’ve ever made a cable every single right side row before.  also, the cables are symmetrical!  which, if i were lazy, i would have switched them all to one way or the other – whichever was easiest to cable without a cable needle.  but i liked the symmetrical detail, so i’m doing it.   but mostly i’m posting this because  i wanted to show off how lovely the fabric is made by this yarn.

olive kingscot

see the fuzz? angora is so fun. and seriously lovely to knit with.  i’m excited that i bought a bit more to do some designing with.

olive kingscot

p.s. i’ve been kicking around the idea of adding a small fiber club to the biz. any interest? or what do you look for in a fiber club?

9 thoughts on “kingscot: work in progress

  1. the only thing that’s stopped me from joining some of the fiber clubs i’ve liked was cost. it seemed outrageous to me to pay a hefty sum for fiber with no guarantees of its content, weight, quality, etc. i suppose i’ve seen it more with yarn, but the “$40 a month for one skein of yarn and lots of love!” is so vague! what if you just dropped $40 on a skein of puke-green super-bulky yarn of unknown wool varieties–especially if you’re a sock knitter?

    so i guess my advice is charge what you need to, but be specific about what we’re getting. you can preserve the element of surprise while still making sure we know we’re getting what we’re paying for, you know?

    that said, i’d join pretty much any cosy fiber club because i imagine it’d be great!

  2. Oooo a fiber club, as in fiber for spinning !?! For me I like the option of paying monthly rather than the big lump sum, it’s easier to fit into my budget that way.

  3. I finished kingscot about two weeks ago. I love the sweater, and I thought knitting it was engaging. It was the first sweater I’ve knit in pieces, and I had to take a private lesson to sew the thing together! Now I am a finishing master.

    I think your dying skills and general wooly know-how would make for a great fiber club. Consider me very interested.

  4. Cosy, that looks beautiful! I’ve been drooling over that yarn for quite some time, and I’m glad to hear you like it. Also, I’m in my first fiber club now (thanks to J for my Christmas gift!), and I’m enjoying. I think I’d look for exclusive colorways and interesting fibers; a lot tend to do tons of SW merino or merino/silk blends, and more rare breeds/farm wool would definitely entice me.

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