mentionables! on a monday

and the winners of the knitcircus spring pattern sets are: random number generator 6-sara and 3-naomi. congrats and i’ll send them along via email.  i really loved hearing what and who you all would knit for.  keeps you all real to me :)

my friend sarah asked for my jonah notes before i had even looked back at them and made this beautiful earthy jonah – on ravelry here.  i’m super impressed she could understand what i was talking about! i love how this sweater makes the pattern seem so different.  plus, sarah is my kind of knitter – handspun on top and recycled on bottom.

my friend cheryl made this absolutely beautiful sweater for her youngest out of my handspun. you have to click over and look at all the photos.  so sweet and what a great fit!  i miss that little girl and her mama.

and last, but certainly not least, katie made not one, but two fabulous projects for the knitting olympics.
the very first baby beau kit completed has been made into her first sweater. hurrah!

and she bought a subtle stripes kit from me, spun it, and made mitts. and she hasn’t even been spinning for that long. what olympic feats :)  for knitting and spinning fun, check out her blog.

thanks for letting me show off your wonderful creations, ladies!

4 thoughts on “mentionables! on a monday

  1. I love this little Jonah sweater and was wondering if you were going to release this as a pattern that we could purchase. I would love it so much for my grandchildren.
    I love your blog and check it out everyday.
    I have already purchased Baby Beau and Baby Belle. Wonderful patterns!


    • hi! and yes, i plan to publish this pattern at some point. i’ll try to get around to it some time this summer. are you looking for any particular size?

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