the joys of ribbing

recently, my mother sent me a photo of my brother this last christmas. he was wearing the hat i knit him the christmas before, and was still lamenting the first ribbed hat i sent him that he lost (middle top in the picture). and i felt all nostalgic (and guilty),  so i immediately started making him another hat, since i didn’t make him one this year.

i make a lot of ribbed boy hats. all the boys want fitted hats, and this is the easiest way to do that without having their head measurements. the boys, you ask? my brother. ben. ben’s three brothers. my dad. other people’s fathers and brothers.  but especially brothers.  the boys.

variations on boy hats
ribbed hats

so i’m (quite randomly) working up my ultimate ribbed hat pattern. worsted weight, funky decreases, watchman style, or beanie style – you choose. i’m test knitting it myself, sending hats off to alaska and montana, now that spring is beginning and they aren’t really necessary (whoops!).  but i hope to have the pattern up some time in the near future.

my question for you is, what do you find yourself making over and over for a particular group of people or person?  what have you found to be the perfect, useful pattern that you go back to over and over?

p.s. i suppose this is better than making all of them size 11-13 socks though :)

p.p.s. don’t forget about the knitcircus giveaway!  contest ends sunday.

10 thoughts on “the joys of ribbing

  1. The hats I make for guys generally do involve a rib of some sort but I haven’t made enough of them a favorite method.

    I have made several pairs of US14 socks so I could tell you all about that. :)

  2. oh lordy… I’m almost embarrassed by how many snowman hats I’ve made. Almost, but not enough to stop making them.

  3. I made a ton of spiral noro hats and mama jane slippers this year but that was by design. The patterns I keep returning to, especially for handspun, is stephanie pearl mcphee’s one row scarf. Well that and my entrelac socks but that’s because I’m a fool for entrelac.

  4. The Driftwood Cap in the Fall 2008 Interweave Crochet has been my go-to pattern, because it’s actually stretchy, great for both genders, and knitters who see it insist it must be knitted. Now that I’m learning to knit, though, I’d love to learn how to do a great, stretchy, knit cap like this. I think I need to figure out how to knit in the round first…

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