scrappy skein update

this update introduces scrappy skeins

scrappy skein update

you saw them once before here. these are approximately 4 oz. skeins that are made of 2-5 little skeins that mix hand dyed handspun wool, wool/mohair, wool and hand dyed yarns. there is plenty of yarn for mittens or a hat in one skein. i would recommend at least 2 skeins for a scarf. they’re great for striping or creative colorwork.

in this update there are 11 scrappy skeins, a sampling of kits – one each reflection hat, baby beau, baby eggplant, and baby belle, and one skein of subtle striping handspun that is split into two skeins in case you want to make mittens like mine.  and they’ll all be going up in the shop today!

p.s. i almost forgot!  the march newsletter can be read here.

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