what february needs…

the problem with having to knit things – for craft fairs, gifts, samples for yarn shows – is that the minute that’s done, you want to cast on for EVERYTHING in the world.

pink noro scarf

the first thing i did was make myself a noro striped scarf with noro that was in the stash. 2 balls silk garden and 2 kureyon. a simple and lovely project to guide me back into knitting whatever i want :)

pink noro scarf

size 9 needles. the second i’ve made this winter season. they’re addictive and oh so beautiful even if the yarn is random and you probably wouldn’t have chosen those colors given the choice.  besides, what is winter without a new scarf to wear?  especially the craziness that is february.  my february needed pink and turquoise.  what does your february need?

not very flattering mirror photo taken right before i went to yoga this morning

pink noro scarf

p.s. my feburary also needed the olympics, pesto-cheese-mushroom rolls, and homemade bread. oh! and we signed up for our CSA for this spring and it starts in april, which is right around the corner.

p.p.s. i also have a bsj and kingscot on my needles… plus the hat for the hat to head series.  ah to knit.

7 thoughts on “what february needs…

  1. I so agree with you about the possibilities of February. Casting on with colour!!! My current project is a pair of socks with a skein of ‘online’ whose base colour is bright lemon yellow, with stripes it seems of *every* other existing colour! they will make my frien tish’s feet smile I hope!

    • those socks sound freaking fabulous! i’m sure she’ll love them. i like how things like this are dual therapy… we get to knit them and they get to wear them. win, win.

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