beautiful baby bundle

beautiful baby budle

this collection contains the baby belle and baby beau patterns. purchased separately, these patterns would cost $10. together they cost $8.

these two little sweater patterns came about when all of my friends started having babies.  boy?  girl?  born in winter?  born in summer?  got it covered.  they are similar, but with just enough difference and color play to make them a fun knit over and over.

there are two ways to buy. when you click on the button below and follow through on the payment, a four page automatic download in pdf format will be delivered to your email address.

EDIT: this version of the beautiful baby bundle has been discontinued.  it is now 4 patterns, including 12 mo, 18 mo, 2T and 3T sizes and can be found here.

baby beau - take 1

p.s.  i had so many folks at the festival want these two sweaters in larger sizes that i’m working on getting them sized up to 3 years. i am going to offer kits for only the smallest 2 sizes though, and i’m not sure if i should make them 2 patterns each or 1 pattern.  to me, once a child starts lengthening out things look completely different on them.  thoughts?

p.p.s. what do i call them?  a bigger beau and a bigger belle?  hee hee.

9 thoughts on “beautiful baby bundle

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  3. I saw a similar question raised on Ravelry, why patterns aren’t sized for babies through children all in one pattern, either because they want “value” in patterns or want to make matching outfits for sibling sets. I used to wish for that as well, but now that I have a three year old, it seems that is definitely the cusp between babyhood and childhood, and as he lengthens and slims out and doesn’t wear diapers anymore, what looks age appropriate completely changes. It’s a vexing issue to be sure.

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