pgh knit and crochet festival

no pics this year, but it was fun. thanks for coming out all who stopped to say ‘hi.’  and as predicted, it did take rachel and i a while to fit all the stuff i had on the table!

i bought two things for myself. enough unspun icelandic for a shawl. i’ve been wanting to try this stuff for oh-so long. there’s one more wheel of the burnt orange color.
unspun icelandic

and a wee sock kit from julia. guess there will be some socks in my future!
wee skein kit

as to my stock, there is plenty of stuff left for both homespun yarn party and some for you all. although i’m afraid i’m going to take the next 2 days off… so this week’s update is simply going to be the beautiful baby bundle.

noro stripe scarf

oh! and now that i don’t have to be test knitting, i appear to have started a scarf. and (ahem) gotten quite a ways on it. stash yarn, of course. it’s going to be very pink.

p.s. i know you all have been waiting so long for me to put more stuff up in the shop. thanks for being so patient :)

4 thoughts on “pgh knit and crochet festival

  1. Hi there! Met you and made two purchases on Saturday at the show. Couldn’t figure out where I’d seen you and finally realized that I was given your book as a gift!! LOVE that book and all of your things. Happy to be visiting your blog! Can’t wait to stop back! Take good care!

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