the tally

we set up for the show today. frankly, i’ve no clue how i’m going to fit all of this on my table :D but i will sure try.

Reflection Hat – 17 kits
reflection hats

Bulky Hat Kit – 25 skeins – Pixie Hood or Super Hero Helmet Hat
bulky hat kits

Scrappy Skeins – 22
scrappy skeins

Baby Belle – 16 kits, Baby Beau – 10 kits, Baby Eggplant – 9 kits
the  baby kits

Handspun – 27 skeins, including 14 subtle stripes skeins
not so subtle stripes

Hand dyed falkland Roving – 14 braids

Subtle Stripes ‘Kits’ for spinners- 14
subtle stripes!

now that was a lot of work. hope to see some of you there!

5 thoughts on “the tally

  1. Is it bad that I am hoping that some of those scrappy skeins don’t sell so they’ll be in your etsy shop? And also that I win the lottery so I can just buy them all? ;)

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