dad’s log cabin

finally done!

dad's blanket

-mostly random wools from the stash all the way from dk to aran weight.
-size 8 needles – that somewhere in the middle of knitting were stole out of it and then i had a heck of a time figuring out which size needles i was using.
-the border is done in lovely squishy soft top of the lamb worsted by brown sheep. first time i’ve used it and i liked it quite a bit!
-here’s the helpful tutorial about i-cord that i used to figure out how to do the corners, although perhaps going up a needle size like rachel suggested would have been good.  blocking would probably fix the little bit of curl, but really, i’m just going to mail it.

dad's blanket

i’m really excited to get this to him.  totally a labor of love… because i know he’ll love it. and now that my mom’s retired and knitting – she and my dad apparently come to this space. hi mom! hi dad! your christmas presents will soon be on their way.

9 thoughts on “dad’s log cabin

  1. Hi Cos!

    love dad’s log cabin blanket! it’s a beauty!

    also – can you lead me to your 2 notes on your work in “The Road” – a Regent grad in Australia – Simon Smart would like to see them – he just watched the movie!!

  2. That’s awesome! I want to make myself a wooly log cabin.. but my sweetie is allergic, my sis wouldn’t be up for handwashing, and my mom’s a quilter so she and my dad have all the blankets they need, sigh!

    What I do for my iCord corners is similar, but I do the unjoined row twice – I mark the blanket’s corner stitch, and then do an unjoined icord row before it, a joined icord row on the corner stitch, and another unjoined icord row after it – since it is a 90 degree corner, this adds the equivalent of an increased stitch on each side! Much flatter, and still doesn’t leave gaping holes.

    Dang. I want to knit a log cabin :)

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