marian seaman scarf

i finally finally finished my christmas knitting this year and am planning to mail the package out this week.  this is for my mom.

marian seaman scarf

she likes scarves that are wide, fit well around her neck and tuck into her coat to keep her extra warm, so i thought a seaman scarf would be perfect for her.  i learned about them from this fabulous book.

marian seaman scarf

i used the beauty of a yarn that is alpaca with a twist, baby twist. size 7 needles. the yarn is so soft and really a great deal. here’s a close-up of the lace pattern.

marian seaman scarf

i made each side of this one from the bottom up and then did the scary thing that is grafting over ribbing. um. scary. so when i write up the pattern, it just may say good luck in that space :)

7 thoughts on “marian seaman scarf

  1. Oh my goodness how beautiful is that scarf. I love the color you used too and what a lucky mum you have to receive such a wonderful gift! Cant wait for you to write up the pattern so I can knit one.

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