baby beau – version 1

this is the original version of the gender neutral sweater that i knit along with the baby belle and planned to publish simultaneously.  oops :)

baby beau - take 1

and this is the one picture that i got of it that kind of works.  the colors still aren’t quite right, but after as many photos as i took, i’ll take it!

baby beau - take 1

i already knit a sample sweater to double check the pattern, so expect both sweater and pattern to be coming up soon! and kits… there will be kits.

p.s. huge props to jamie for the name. i played with blue belle, boy belle… but baby beau is perfect!

p.p.s. after baby eggplant, baby belle and baby beau, i don’t think i’ll be naming any more sweaters with baby in the title.  geesh.

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