baby belle kits

here’s the sample i knit.

green belle

the kits come with:
the pattern
146 yds of main color
86 yds of accent color
10 yds of button band wool
which can be a mixture of handspun, my hand dyed lamb’s pride or regular lamb’s pride (85% wool/15% mohair), and my hand dyed lanaloft or regular lanaloft.

this green belle has lamb’s pride as the main color, my handspun as the accent color.  as you can see, i do like some non-traditional baby colors.  brights!  darks!  whatever suits the fancy.  the kits will vary dramatically.

green belle

now i’m thinking i should finish the pattern for the boy belle – started at the same time and similar in shape, but a bit more unisex.

5 thoughts on “baby belle kits

  1. Hi Cozy,
    I am going to go through your book and make everything in it with my interpretation on it. I will be posting pics on my blog. I am just starting so it will take a while to get much on there. Hope you come on over and check things out in the near future.

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