reflection hat kits

here’s the sample i knit – cherry liqueur reflection hat.

cherry liqueur reflection hat

the kits come with:
the pattern
106 yds of main color
56 yds of accent color
which can be a mixture of handspun, my hand dyed lamb’s pride, regular lamb’s pride (85% wool/15% mohair), my hand dyed lanaloft or regular lanaloft.

cherry liqueur reflection hat

this one has handspun as the accent color and lamb’s pride as the main color.  the first one i put up on etsy is of the same make-up.

cherry liqueur reflection hat

10 thoughts on “reflection hat kits

  1. This is a really pretty color combo. I was in the yarn store over the weekend, standing and staring and deliberating, which is what I usually do in the yarn store. I had in my hands a lovely navy blue that I was thinking about it for the main color but I could not find the right color mix for the pattern. So I went home with only a set of size 7 dpn’s for the Keyboard Mitts…which are turning out awesome, by the way. Oh, and I found a teensy typo. Check out page 2 of your directions, in the same line as the cast off for the thumb, that second repeat is missing a “k”. :)

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