mentionable monday: lily

today instead of showing off a knit or two, i want to show off a person. if i had any intention with my book, it was to hope that it would free people up to do all sorts of stuff with hats – shapes, sizing, embroidery.* lily in particular has taken the book patterns, made up her own patterns, and created some beautiful pieces.

here are a few pictures of her work that are based on my patterns, but you should definitely follow the links below and see her other stuff too.

giving hand hat (lake reflects trees hat)

don’t grow up hat (nautical nellie)

ikebana hat (sweet pea hat)

and her communion mitts (from this pattern)

here’s her ravelry page and blog – where there are many many more fabulous pieces. thanks for letting me share your knits, lily!

p.s. thanks for all the nice comments on my mittens!  and for the striping opinions.  we’ll see what short stripes do.

*this said, it was not my publishers intention, so some of my intention got lost. it’s a first book, what can i say ;)

6 thoughts on “mentionable monday: lily

  1. See, you may think your intention was lost, but I think the heart of your work comes through in your designs. I was so charmed by your knits when I stumbled onto them on Ravelry, the organic freestyle and intelligent structure. I loved that you could make your shapes do what you wanted, and I wanted to do that. You definitely helped me get there in a big (and always fun) way.

    (Ha ha – how super lame that I have like a standard set of poses.) ;D

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