Happy New Year!

As always, my wish for you is that your gauges be spot on.

happy new year!

and announcing the answers to the quiz…
1) Cosette has been paid to have her art work appear where c) on a credit card website
2) Cosette’s first real adult sweater was knit for b) viggo mortensen
3) How did Cosette’s book deal go down? c) over flickr
4) How long has Cosette been knitting? e) 6.5 years
and then this happened and life has never been the same.
5) Cosette prefers to knit with a) wool – witness this rant about shetland.
6) How fast does Cosette knit? c) this is a ridiculous question – and obviously written for non-knitters!
7) How much yarn does Cosette have? e) a room full
8) How many spinning apperati (wheels and spindles) does Cosette own? b) 9
here, here, here, here, and here.
9) Which of the following did Cosette’s masters thesis NOT include b) live sheep
a) crocheted hors d’oeurves and here.
c) recycled sweater wool in both forms
d) a spinning wheel bought at a thrift store (see pictures of the opening towards the bottom)
e) the theology of genesis
10) Which of the following has Cosette made? a) the same hat 6 times

and the people with the most correct answers are people who really know me :) honestly, top 5, 4/5 people know me in real life.  so here’s the prize breakdown:
3 patterns each go to lynne and cheryl who only missed 2 each
2 patterns each go to jamie, mick, and meghan for missing only 3
and the rest of you get one pattern each just for playing :)

thanks to all who played.  you, my reader and responders, make blogging another year worthwhile and you never fail to make me smile.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happiest of Happy New Years, you two folk. I know this might be a trying year, but I will have you in my thoughts and I will hope my little heart out for countless unexpected joys and many meaningful memories for all of those that you hold dear.

  2. Hi,
    I’m coming through Cleveland this week ans was wondering which yarn show is “yours” and do you have any handspun for sale at your lys.

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