work spaces II: desk area


on desk

working on.

the high shelf

p.s. notes included over on flickr.  to see notes, click on the pictures, then scroll your mouse over the photo and they’ll appear.

p.s.s. if you’re interested, you can read the january newsletter here.

p.p.p.s. and check out what’s now behind the yarn room door. love it!

5 thoughts on “work spaces II: desk area

  1. Looks awesome! We’re waist-deep in renovations right now, and my craft space is fourthish on the list (bathroom, repainting everything and getting doors and trim back up, and replacing upstairs windows come first)… hope I can achieve the same kind of brightness and personality that your space has :)

  2. Lovely job reorganizing your workspace! since my workspace is the dining room end of my living room, I undertook a reorganization of sorts this past week. expecting guests on christmas day we moved both spinning wheels, the loom, all the baskets of fiber and bags of WIPs, along with jars and jars of tools into my bedroom for the day.
    as I was moving everything back into its usual place, my son’s friend said “you need a hut”. I need a *farm*, but right now I’d settle for a hut. ;)

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