knitting cosy quiz

ben and i made up this quiz in that ridiculous facebook how well do you know quiz thing.  it’s actually very funny to have non-fibery people take it, but i’m wondering how you all will do.  i’m thinking about a prize of some sort, maybe a free pattern to the people with the highest scores?

1) Cosette has been paid to have her art work appear where
a) on the side of a bus
b) in a gallery
c) on a credit card website
d) at the white house
e) on samuel l. jackson

2) Cosette’s first real adult sweater was knit for
a) ben
b) viggo mortensen
c) prime minister stephen harper
d) herself
e) vickie howell

3) How did Cosette’s book deal go down?
a) they called her
b) she proposed it
c) over flickr
d) over her blog
e) self-published

4) How long has Cosette been knitting?
a) 20 years
b) 13.5 years
c) 4 years
d) since her grandmother taught her
e) 6.5 years

5) Cosette prefers to knit with
a) wool
b) cotton
c) acrylic
d) a blend of some sort
e) straight from the sheep (baaaa)

6) How fast does Cosette knit?
a) 30 rows/min
b) 1 hat/hour
c) this is a ridiculous question
d) 10 mitts/day
e) 4 sts/in.

7) How much yarn does Cosette have?
a) so much that she sleeps on it
b) 5 balls of every color
c) 10 gallons
d) the same yardage as a football field
e) a room full

8) How many spinning apperati (wheels and spindles) does Cosette own?
a) 4
b) 9
c) 2.5 (she stepped on one of her spindles)
d) 5
e) 7

9) Which of the following did Cosette’s masters thesis NOT include
a) crocheted hors d’oeurves
b) live sheep
c) recycled sweater wool
d) a spinning wheel bought at a thrift store
e) the theology of genesis

10) Which of the following has Cosette made?
a) the same hat 6 times
b) bikini from her own handpsun
c) sweater vest for ben
d) leg warmers (they’re coming back you know…)
e) tank top in lush organic cotton

comment with your answers to win!  you have until new years day at noon.  sorry – no entering if you’ve already taken it on facebook – cause you’ll already know the answers.

p.s. if you’ve been reading this blog for 3 years, you should have one up on all the others!

11 thoughts on “knitting cosy quiz

  1. Ooooh!! Fun times:
    1. e, hmmmm… I really don’t know.
    2. b, aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!
    3. c, yay for the internets!
    4. e, congrats on makin’ it thus far, injury free!
    5. a, hmmm… if anyone gets this wrong, I think they should be disqualified!
    6. c, as I’m pretty sure it all depends on the gauge, stitch pattern, and size of article being knit ;-) GOSH I’m so clever ;-)
    7. e, although I’m pretty sure that you end up sleeping on it as well. And I’m sure you have enough yardage to make it over a football field, but the biggers question is, how many times over ;-)
    8. b, I’ll wager… I know the Kromski, the ashford, the country spinner, the drum carder, but how many drop spindles do you have?
    9. a, total guess, but since I’ve never seen any knit appetizers on your ravelry site, I’ll bet on this one since every thing else could easily fit.
    10. a, but I’d love to see b done in a nice cotton candy pink mohair with plenty of yarn-overs and a few strategic sequins ;-) HA!

  2. I’m going to give this a whirl:
    1. c
    2. b
    3. c
    4. d
    5. a (though I think e as well, since you love farm wool)
    6. c
    7. e
    8. c
    9. a
    10. a

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