work spaces I: yarn room

the yarn room organization project is close close close to being done!  i think we finally have a manageable way to keep it organized and useful.

one view in
yarn room

another view in
yarn room

notes and closer up views over on flickr, if you want to click over!  next up on the nesting front, pics of my other work space.

11 thoughts on “work spaces I: yarn room

  1. It’s looking great! What a wonderful spot. I can’t wait until I have my own woolie room once again. And it will be in MY house.. not my parents’. :D

  2. Lovely! I’m curious though.. do you have any problems with moths from having your stash out in the open? I loved having all of my yarn out in the open but I was concerned about critters getting in it.

    • i’ve been living like this for 2 1/2 years and i have not, up until this point, had any issues with moths. several things help: 1) i’m always digging through and over-turning it 2) lavendar 3) cedar 4) sunlight! and then it’s all just prayers. hope they never come! or that we catch them early. we also keep most of the yarn off of the floor.

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