twilights gone awry

the original twilight hat can be seen here.  that version wasn’t clear enough for my liking (although i did like it). enter twilight version two. this one also does not pass muster.

twilight hat take 2

my thought was to take the chart and do it in sock yarn, since there are so many pretty dyed ones, and make it into a tam. didn’t work so well. size one needles worth of not working so well. because i do 2 handed stranded colorwork and this is not an overall pattern – some of it sparse, some of it dense, some of it resembling a rib – my gauge changed a tiny bit throughout and therefore what should be a tam became a beanie.  i thought about going down a couple of needle sizes for the brim (ahem, 00), then decided i liked it better on fatter yarn anyhow.

twilight hat take 2

so now i’m taking my chart and trying something else with it. i will find the perfect hat for this chart – i swear i will!  in the meantime, this one fits katie perfectly and will thus find its way to alaska.

happy solstice!  our twilights will now get earlier and earlier.

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