cosy homemaker

winter is for nesting, when you get a minute.  that’s what i’ve been up to this week.  i’ve been organizing (IKEA trip, yarn room with less yarn showing, but no more landslides)

sweaters for recycling and felting in the yarn room – i’ll show more when done
recycling sweaters

cooking and decorating (well, ben did most of the decorating, although i hung the following)

mary and joseph of the squid nativity on the antlers, up and away from the cats
squid nativity


a sweater for myself! sleeve length yet to be determined via amount of yarn.  should be knitting for christmas.
snow!  and a sweater

and that blinding light from out the window is snow!  which calls for looking out the window, tea drinking, npr listening, and spinning.  also, maybe some playing and/or walking in the out-of-doors.

have a lovely weekend.  i might have a finished sweater to show you soon.

12 thoughts on “cosy homemaker

  1. wow- good for you! looks so organized, what a good way to start off the new year.
    i am in the market for one of those shelves too, they look just perfect for yarn & craft stashin’!

  2. Great looking shelves! I have that cube from Ikea, too – actually, two of them! One is for all my fiber
    (ok, who am I kidding, SOME of my fiber!) and the other holds my daughter’s and son’s toys in our living room – tiny house with no playroom means toys EVERYWHERE, until I bought that cube. It looks great with your colored baskets – I feel a trip to Ikea in the near future! Enjoy the snow – stay cozy!

  3. Oh, that sweater is making me want to knit one too! My winter plans include lots of dyeing/spinning in January, reorganizing my jumbled stash, and moving the rest of my belongings from my parents’ place into ours. I’m excited! Yes, winter is for nesting.

  4. that sweater and those squid are adorable. also, i saw your handknits in the movie theatre this weekend. (!!!)

    happy nesting.

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