it’s not a grey day here in pittsburgh – in fact it’s clear and cold.


in contrast, these two commissions are grey and warm.  one pixie hood for the maker of the squid nativity.  there will be a button or two added to this one.  and one pair of keyboard mitts for an organist.  i must admit to loving the color charcoal.  deep heathered grey is just so fabulously distinguished, but not harsh.  i softened the bonnet even further by using lamb’s pride as one of the strands to make a nice mohair halo over the whole thing.

now that i’ve had time to process, a couple of notes about handmade arcade:
someone who bought a hat from me 2 years ago came back and showed me it again.  it looked well loved.  he told me it had been to india :D
someone who knew suse also stopped by (love her blog!).  small world.  we plan to have coffee.
i got to see a gorgeous neckscarf from the leftmost yarn here and this freaking awesome hat in person.
it is so nice to return to an event over and over and see the same people.   pittsburgh is dang lucky to have this craft fair.  heck, i’m dang lucky to have this craft fair.

p.s. now, it’s time to move on to my christmas knitting! very specifically, i need to finish making this.

3 thoughts on “grey

  1. I’ve been on a grey kick myself lately and the result is going to be a pair of fingerless gloves for my dad.

    I can’t help but wonder what happens to the stuff I send off into the world. It’s great that you get to know what happens to some of what you’ve made.

    Good luck finishing the blanket!

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