jonah’s sweater

first of all, thanks for the advice on the applied i-cord.  i did it before blocking.  and speaking of that particular i-cord, here it is in its applied and then blocked form:

jonah's sweater

it’s a commissioned baptismal sweater for the same babe who gets the blanket mentioned below!  i plan to publish the pattern some day. it’s made out of recycled sweater wool/angora and knit on size 5 needles at a gauge of 6 sts to the inch. in order to publish i think i will need to knit another one out of commercial yarn, so it may be a bit. this one is going to be in action this sunday… and i predict it will be a bit big on the 3 mo. old. we did a 6 mo. old size so it can be used with future children also.  i love how it turned out!  what a fun challenge.

and surprise!
jonah's sweater - surprise!

now that we are heading into the darkest parts of the year, i was wondering if you all would do me the favor of keeping the cheer up with your recommendations!  i read a lot of blogs- lately it has been a bit more skimming than reading, but that’s how it is. and now i’d like a bit of new inspiration… so i want to know what your blog is! and what particular blog you’ve been digging lately. if you don’t have your own blog, comment with just your currently most inspiring read.  and while you’re at it, what do you like about that particular blog?

get it?!? jonah…
jonah's sweater - fish fish

p.s. here’s jonah’s blanket. the pics are on my friend cheryl’s blog and  the blanket itself is currently blocking on my bedroom floor.

p.p.s.  a knitting/yoga friend found EZ’s autograph in a book at the public library. un-freaking-believable and unspeakably awesome.  what to do!

p.p.p.s.  can you tell i feel a bit absent from the blog?  i have so much to say!  i finally feel like i might be getting back in the swing of things over here.  thanks for sticking with me through the crazy months.

p.p.p.p.s. you can also now become a fan of cosymakes on facebook.

in its entirety and the buttons mama chose
jonah's sweater

17 thoughts on “jonah’s sweater

  1. I love this, Cosy. It’s a beautiful design, and a beautiful gesture. Just lovely.

    And also, I think we read a lot of the same blogs. Hmmmm. Do you read Lolly’s blog? I’d imagine you do, but if you don’t you should check her out. She talks a lot about mindfulness, something that you are also quite interested in. Have a lovely day!

  2. That’s a beautiful sweater and the white really suits it. I’m going to have to try an applied i-cord border myself at some point.

    I do have a few blog recommendations, too.

    Broke Knits @
    She has nice photos and a candid writing style about her knitting and daily life.

    The Akamai Knitter @
    She writes about a lot of different things, like knitting, spinning, jewelry making, and recently cross stitch. Her posts are inspiring with nice photos, a sense of fun, and the occasional kitty.

  3. I really enjoy reading Kate Davies blog, Needled ( Sometimes I’ll find myself reading and reading and reading. She really ties in history with craft, travel, materials, design, family, beer, wool, manufacturing, gardening. It’s just great.

    I also enjoy your blog.

  4. that is a beautiful sweater! lucky, jonah.

    i like feltcafe for craft inspiration, and resurrection fern also. for knitting, i like needled as mentioned, oh and a black pepper.

  5. Cosy, this sweater is amazing!! It is absolutely one of my faves of yours for sure! I am simply amazed that you were also able to use thrifted wool… I guess it goes to show that you never can tell what treasures you’ll find in a day of snooping.

    As far as blogs, I’ve noticed we have a bit of overlap, therefore some of my would-be suggestions would not have been so helpful. I do like Aleecia at Posie Gets Cozy (; I really respond well to her particular voice in her writing, although she may lean a little more crafty than fibery. I also love Soulemama ( and check in with her blog almost everyday.

  6. the very end of this post made me so happy. i found two old EZ books at a library book sale several years ago, when i first began knitting–and didn’t really know who she was. i recently pulled them out again and was thrilled to find that they are both indeed autographed also. i was quite giddy about it and rather scoffed at myself for geeking out so much over it, so i’m very glad to know that someone else gets excited about such things too. :)

    love your blog!

  7. Beautiful sweater! I love it!

    And what a great idea to ask for blog recommendations. I’ll be checking back as the comments pile up. For now, here are the ones I check often (in addition to yours, of course) –
    And my own – not even remotely in the same league as those above
    Happy reading!

  8. I write nonsense at I like to write about why I think making is important, mostly working with my hands and food. There is a list of what I read on my blog. I especially like bitten by Mark Bitman, it’s New York Times food.

  9. You’ve knit a beautiful heirloom sweater. I hope it is cherished the way it should be. I started my blog to record daily life on the farm and whatever projects I am working on . I raise sheep, spin, dye and knit, but I’m finding the animals seem to take up a lot of blog space (and time)! A few of the many blogs I enjoy are , , ,

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