the road

remember way back when i knit for a movie?  well, said movie has finally come out!  it should be post-apocolyptic and dang creepy.  and i have not made it to the movie theatre to see it yet.  for shame.  i can tell you that i knit a hat for robert duvall… the sweater for viggo (we’ll just pretend he’s wearing the one i knit).  the hat the kid/mom are wearing (6x!) and 2 more hats.  i’ll report back with who’s wearing what when i see it.

17 thoughts on “the road

  1. When I saw the ad in the paper for that movie, I ran over to one of my co-workers and said, “My friend Cosy knitted garments for this movie!” So exciting!!

  2. Saw the movie last weekend. Great film, would love to see it again. I noticed the hat right away. The Boy wore it throughout the film and it looked more ragged and distressed than the one in the flashbacks (it was his mom’s hat) worn by Charlize Theron. So did you make 2 of the same hat? If not then they must have shot Theron’s scenes before the boy’s scenes.
    Anyway, congrats! I very much noticed your work!

  3. Great News about the knitting- I will have to watch for updates because it is not something I would usually watch. It is interesting to me because a knitting friend of mine was key hair stylist for this movie. Small world.

    Still loving working on the baby belle :)

  4. just saw The Road last night – that main hat is in it like crazy! I loved watching it get more felted and pilly as the movie went on, like the hat showed the passing of time… for fiber nerds like us anyway…

    So cool to see your knits on the big screen!

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