sweater lot

today i bought my first sweater lot – not including the carnation pink lamb’s pride bulky from when i first started knitting that is a partially put together sweater in the frog pile. that would be 7 years of unfinished, folks.  and probably a bad idea to begin with.  all other sweater lots were given to me.

sweater lot

while at my local yarn store today, i could not resist this pile of dark, ugly green (ugly meaning ugly in a good way and i love it) aslan trends invernal. i am thinking i will use it to make kingscot. i’ve been waiting for something dkish weight to call my name ever since i first saw this sweater and it has finally happened.  of course, i won’t have any time to knit it until mid march, but you know.  it’s awfully exciting anyway!

p.s. applied i-cord. before or after blocking? i’ve never done it before.  any opinions would be great!

8 thoughts on “sweater lot

  1. Applied i-cord: Before blocking please. The application stretches just like regular knitting, so should block out with the rest of the sweater.

    Of course, you could always swatch it both ways and see which you prefer

    Much love to you!

  2. I am suffering from major yarn envy right now. I’ve been stalking that very yarn since my LYS started carrying it over a year ago; it looks so darned soft and cuddly. Nice choice for your first sweater lot!

  3. I like the yarn. I remember that when I first bought a sweaters worth of yarn, I was rather shocked for the rest of the day.

    Good luck knitting your sweater.

  4. I do all additions and seams before blocking, so that would be my suggestion. I can’t wait to see the finished product; it seems like a gorgeous sweater from all the photos and whatnot.

    Hope things are well with you!

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