one last belle

meghan’s belle on ravelry here.  those buttons look super cute.

i know i’ve been showing all the handspun belles on here, and with good reason – they are gorgeous and there was also this deal…  but many people make these out of fibers other than handspun. you can see some of them here on ravelry – encore, hand dyed wool, artyarns supermerino, sugar ‘n’ cream etc. etc.  check them out.

today is the first day in months that i have had a fiber arts saturday at my house.  a bunch of friends are due here this afternoon to eat yummy food, potluck style, and hang out doing fibery things.  this week has been a bit less fiber artsy than normal… i’ve been re-settling into life. i actually did yoga for the first time in a long time (twice!!). i cooked food. i ran errands.  but my fiber arts list looks something like this
1) jonah’s baptismal sweater (custom work for a friend)
2) finish the 10 hats that i have sitting around
3) spin – i did do 2 skeins this week
4) more hats!  esp. fleshing out the baby and kids hat selection and 2 slouchy adult hats at least.  maybe bonnets.  definitely more snow bunnies.  we’ll see what i get done.
5) clean the yarn room a bit so we can play with the drum carder and then i can spin that too.
6) put in an order to a certain yarn wholesaler for the next (very exciting) step in the business

next fairs are the 12th and 13th.
have a great weekend!

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