tiny canary

no pictures at the market, but of the spoils and trades, yes!

hand blown glass cups from linda. she had the booth next to mine – this chair is on fire
she was offering sparkling water, beer, or wine in any of the glasses she sold.  i’m thinking framboise myself
handblown glass cups

the market was awesome as usual! great organizers, great vendors, and fabulous customers. perhaps the most fun (besides being jet lagged :/) was meeting the knitters of both of these hats!

tiny porcelain buttons from amy, my travel partner. seems i never come back without something of hers! – red raven studios.
porcelain buttons

indeed, we even stayed with one of them – lindsey, the knitter of the grey one. thanks so much for the hospitality lindsey! and to the organizers of tiny canary, thank you and hopefully i’ll see you all again next year.

a squid nativity from pittsburgh crafter bethany – cleo dee’s.  this is just the shepherd.  i wonder why he might be my favorite?
squidtivity (this is the shepherd)

5 books
4 bonnets
10 skeins of yarn to happy knitters or friends of knitters
8 hats to the proud parents/friends of small children
6 adult hats
9 headbands
just making the world a little bit woolier one step at a time.

a necklace from from eric of skipping lilies.  it took me forever to choose this one because all of their stuff is so beautiful!
pressed flower necklace

nothing inspires me to make more stuff quite like a one-of-a-kind hat getting into the hands of the perfect owner.  guess i better get crafting if i’m expected to have enough stuff for the next fairs!

8 thoughts on “tiny canary

  1. CRAP! I made a mental note that Tiny Canary was Saturday but I guess I should have written it down. I was totally planning on coming to see you!

    Darn my air brain.

  2. Congrats on a successful event! Sounds like great fun…I am pining for the craft show scene now that I’m holed up in the woods. Hope to get back into it next year. And that squid is all kinds of awesome. :)

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