one knitting group that i participate in is through my church. we meet twice a month.  it was started by my friend lara who did not know how to knit at the time.  for that reason, i got recruited pretty quickly to help with the technical part.

baby blanket

our current focus is on making blankets for all of the new babies in the church to be given to them on the day of their baptisms.  there were 4 born this summer and 2 more due in november.  after finishing up this blanket (number 2), i have to say that in our two years, we have come a long way!

and, proudly, you must know that most of the squares were just about the right size.  go team!

p.s. and i published my november newsletter if you’re interested.

6 thoughts on “teamwork

  1. It’s gorgeous, I love the colours. And it’s great to see that all the squares are the same size, I don’t even manage that all the time.

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