handspun socks

speaking of things i’ve never knit and should… handspun socks? i didn’t have a pair until last week. and boy are they fun!

handspun socks!
handspun socks!

made from this yarn – local bfl farm wool – on size 4 needles.
miss muffet

it sat around too long and eventually got knit.

handspun socks!

wheee! they make me happy.

handspun socks!

9 thoughts on “handspun socks

  1. i love the contrasting toes and cuffs — i bet there’s nothing like handspun socks to keep you warm and toasty. (i have yet to knit some…but soon!)

  2. Socks are a path to the darkside. I should know and I’m not going to cross back over. :) I haven’t knit any out of handspun but it is on my list.

    They look nice and comfy and that green look great with all the pink and purple.

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