Fairbanks Hat

after 27 hours of travel – we finally arrived in alaska! and here’s a pattern to celebrate the fact that i’m not on a plane anymore. and it’s the regular wednesday update ;)

fairbanks hat

This child’s colorwork hat, named for the cold place my husband grew up, features a turned brim, vertical colorwork, and a pointy top.

Yarn: 60-100 yd [55-92 m] of main color and contrasting color

Needles: Size 6 US [4 mm] 16 in.[40.6 cm] circular or double pointed needles (dpns) and size 7 US [4.5 mm] 16 in. [40.6 cm] circular and a set of dpns in the same size. Or whatever size needles you need to get gauge.

Gauge: 5.25 sts/1 in. [2.5 cm]

Sizes: 16(18, 20) in. [40.6(45.7, 50.8) cm]

when you click on the button below and follow through on the payment, a two page automatic download in pdf format will be delivered to your email address.


on ravelry here.

missoula and fairbanks hats

this pattern is also available in the Little Colorwork Hat Collection for a slightly reduced price.

p.s. sister hat coming soon!

9 thoughts on “Fairbanks Hat

  1. I lived in Fairbanks from 1977 until 1993 – my oldest son still lives there, so we get to go visit often. 2 summers ago we drove the 10,000 round trip!

    Pretty hat!

  2. This hat really is cute…now, what I’d love to see is the fit on a child…any chance you can find someone to put it on? Just trying to picture how it fits, how far down the head, how much “left” on top…love it.

  3. Oh, the trip up to Alaska is SO long. I grew up in Ketchikan so it’s not nearly as far as Ketchikan, but it still took me all day to get to college in Indiana. My brother lives in Fairbanks now, that is one cold place! I hear the summers are really nice though.

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