pattern giveaway – reflection hat

today’s giveaway is for 5 copies of this pattern!

reflection hats

rules and regs:
1) you have until noon on wednesday to comment on the post
2) if you’re chosen by the random number generator, i email you the pdf
3) you have 2 months to complete this knit and put it up on ravelry as a project
4) email me your blog post and/or ravelry link and i will put your version of the hat up on the blog as an extra perk

reflection hats

today’s pattern giveaway is the reflection hat pattern (on rav here). i made this double thick hat to show off a small amount of  multi-color – like small balls of handspun, semi-solid, or hand dyed yarn.  comment for a chance to win!

nighttime reflection hat

31 thoughts on “pattern giveaway – reflection hat

  1. Hi Cosy,

    This is one of my favorite hats that you’ve designed. I love the simple fair isle work!

    Hope everything is going well for you! Maybe I’ll see you at next year’s SOAR?


  2. This is probably my favorite hat that you’ve designed (since I cannot make my embroidery look as great as yours)! I keep wondering how it would look in some of my handspun.

  3. I don’t have a camera and therefore can’t post pictures anywhere, so don’t enter me in your contest. I just wanted to say I adore this hat. So simple and so beautiful! Love your designs and photos. Keep ’em coming!

  4. I will knit this hat whether I win or not… I’ve been looking around for a good hat pattern and I keep coming back to this one. It’s really pretty and simple and will make a timeless knit. Great job.

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