family update

sorry all! no shop updates this week.

my mom’s visiting. we went south to see my great aunt who i haven’t seen since i was 10. while there we watched the new michael moore movie – isn’t that what everyone does when they go to the south for the first time?!?  the theatre was not full ;)

my great aunt and i

my great aunt said that she once knit a scarf for WWII war relief in britain. apparently it looked like all first pieces by new knitters look – in and out and in and out on the edges. she described it as ugly.  of course it got sent over anyway.  every little bit counts.

p.s. the winners of the snow cat hat pattern are 13, 8, 3, 7, and 17.  and i’ve sent the email.  congrats!

p.p.s. i will be at the tiny canary indie design market in columbus ohio mid november.  i’m looking for a couch/floor to accommodate me and amy in trade for merchandise.  if you have one, email me at cosymakes (!at) gmail (dot!) com.

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