pattern giveaway: super hero helmet hat

five copies of this pattern are up for grabs today!

Super Hero Helmet Hat

here’s how it works and the strings that are attached:
1) you have until noon on wednesday to comment on the post
2) if you’re chosen by the random number generator, i email you the pdf
3) you have 2 months to complete the project and put it up on ravelry as a project
4) email me your blog post and/or ravelry link and i will put your version of the hat up on the blog as an extra perk

earthling helmet hat

today’s offering is the super hero helmet hat pattern (on ravelry here). this is a super warm bulky garter stitch hat with a pointy top and unlimited creative choices when it comes to embroidery, chin straps, tassels etc.  comment for a chance to win!

race track helmet hat - side one

24 thoughts on “pattern giveaway: super hero helmet hat

  1. me! me! me! LOVE this hat! Three grandchildren – all with matching (but not matching, if you know what I mean) hero helmet hats!!!!

  2. This is so cute! I don’t actually want to enter the drawing (my knitting is SO backed up) but I just had to comment anyhow due to the sheer adorability of that hat.

  3. Maybe I’ll get lucky this time…with the contest, I mean! My sis is trying to make me knit a sweater with her, but hat projects are more my size.

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