pattern giveaway: sweet potato hats

i cannot even tell how marvelous it has been seeing all the baby belles show up.  and because of that i’ve been struck by a bit of inspiration.  for the next few mondays, starting today, i will be giving away up to 5 copies of select patterns… with some strings attached.

purple sweet potato hat

here’s how it will work.
1) you have until noon on wednesday to comment on the post
2) i mail you a pdf (either because you’re one of the few who responded and really wants to knit it now or because you get drawn by the random number generator)
3) you have 2 months to complete the project and put it up on ravelry as a project
4) email me your blog post and/or ravelry link and i will put your version of the hat up on the blog as an extra perk

sweet potatoes

today’s offering is the sweet potato hat patterns. which you can read about through that link or here on ravelry. i think this pattern is especially nice with one hand dyed and one solid.  and because i’m always a fan of handspun, doing one of the two colors in handspun could also be very interesting.  comment for a chance to win!

blue angora sweet potato hat

38 thoughts on “pattern giveaway: sweet potato hats

  1. i think it is great that you are giving everyone a chance to win one of your patterns. i would love to win this pattern as i am in the need for some inspiration and a reason to start a blog again.

  2. Well, now: look at that! I was Tag Surfing, hoping to find some cute hats for wee noggins, and VOILA! I am an avid (rabid?) knitter and can abide by your strings. :) As a plus, I spin – so mixing in some handspun would be a piece of cake.
    Please consider this my official entry into your free pattern drawing.
    Cheers, and thanks for the opportunity!

  3. This is cupcake, just in case you don’t recognize the new email address. I am currently in search of a yarn store here in Metz but will hopefully find one soon…I’d better, I’m almost out of yarn! I would loved to be entered into the sweet potato drawing. I miss you, and when you stop again on a Tue (you don’t go much anymore, right?) tell everyone I miss them!

  4. Thank you so much for your generosity! I am crossing my fingers so that my niece and maybe another little baby can now have the nicknames of “Sweet Potato”!

    Have a great day! :)

  5. Long time lurker, first time comment-leaver. This hat is simply adorable, and I bet a few folks on my Christmas list would be thrilled to receive a sweet potato! :) PS – love your blog!!!

  6. I have loved this hat since I first saw it on your blog, would love to have the pattern and show the results. I have way too much yarn and am always looking for a clever pattern that combines yarns. The pointy top is the best, very gnome like. I know a baby that would look adorable in one of these.

  7. Fall is definitely here, and I was just thinking about what hat to tackle next. My little Goose would look great in one of these and I do love a deadline!

  8. What??? A contest? I’m in! Love the Sweet Potato Hat…would love to be a winner :-)
    And… nice to know that the Baby Eggplant sweater is coming along! I will purchase it within hours of it being available :-)

  9. Great idea! I love this hat and am in need of a new one (aren’t all knitters?). I love the rules and can abide. It will be the kick in the butt I need to finally update Ravelry!

  10. Aw, I’d love to knit a Sweet Potato hat! I knit at least a dozen hats every year, many for charity, and it’s always fun to do something different than my standard-recipe ribbed brim/stockinette hat. :)

  11. I have been looking for a pattern to knit for my three little great nieces and nephews, all of whom are a year old. I want matching little hats for them, and this would be really cute in a mix of three colors and different designs for each one! I love your stuff. i am just finishing up the Baby Belle, and should be posting it on Ravelry this weekend.

  12. So cute!
    I have no intentions of making one for a child – I want to make one for my mother (with much tasselly goodness) who wears kid sized hats (she’s tiny)and has a penchant for the supercute – esp of she can wear it out with my dad, and pretend she’s not trying to embarrass him… :)

  13. My 4 yo niece just asked me when I was going to knit her something new – Sweet Potato would be perfect (in pink and purple, of course!)

    Thanks for your generosity!

  14. Yeah! I was looking at this pattern the other day trying to decide if it would work for a) grown ups (I’ve decided yes) and b) baby boys (again a yes). So I guess it is a sign that I should make it. Would work well with a bunch of my stash too! Thanks Miss Cosette!

  15. what a great idea! it’s so nice of you to offer to show pictures when they’re done. i love that you love your designs so much that you follow them after they’ve been released into the wild. it shows you put a lot of care into what you do, and that makes it even more fun for us to knit them.

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