transitional sizes

in the comments on the last transition post many of you pointed to the things you’re starting to do as this seasonal transition takes place

someone started a sweater
another couple started thinking about winter accessories
a ritual of creating family warmth
a project that is just the right size for autumn
cooking and preserving

summer baby sweaters

it got me thinking that size is transitional too. some of us transition slowly from the summer sock/shawl knitting to accessories. some of us have larger autumn projects (good lord! all the beautiful rhinebeck sweaters out there.) i hadn’t really thought about my transitional project size wise, but that strikes me as right.  these squares are the perfect size for the transition from hats and other summer projects (ahem.  baby sweaters) to something larger, which provides for me (as pointed out in the comments, by keeping my lap a bit warmer) as quality, colorful knitting and for another (when finished).

there were 4 babies born this summer and i made 4 sweaters.  another part of this current transition is finally getting the baby sweaters i made this summer to the babes themselves.  cedar’s bsj and this one are due in the mail this week.  dante’s sweater will be delivered tomorrow.  this one made it to the baby shower.

cedar’s bsj
cedar's sweater

mountain colors mill end
my hand dyed recycled sweater wool
jo sharp dk wool tweed

it appears that it takes actual cooler weather to make me want to sew in ends, select buttons and finally give these to the babies.   may they be warm and toasty as they enter into the transition that is being into a new member of a family.

dante’s sweater (EZ february baby done garter stitch and up sized)
dante's sweater

my hand dyed recycled banana republic sweater – angora/lambswool
mill end from mountain colors

do you find yourself transitioning in size of project?  i’ve got a huge striped sweater itch over here.  besides that, i also find myself wanting to knit everything all the time, but perhaps just another sign of fall ;)

11 thoughts on “transitional sizes

    • The BSJ can be found in 1) the opinionated knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann 2) knitting workshop 3) spun out/wool gathering from the Schoolhouse Press website as an individual pattern. Cheers, Cosy

  1. what a gorgeous little bunch of baby sweaters! so much garter stitch and so many happy colors.
    i’m itching to make stripes too but have to finish my rhinebeck sweater first.

  2. Beautiful sweaters, the striping looks really fun.

    Hmm, the size of my projects doesn’t really change throughout the year. Guess that’s because of the AC. I’ve had this urge to knit blankets that sits in the back of my mind and pokes at me from time to time. I’ve given in 3 times so far this year. Ah well. :)

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