the shorter sleeved

first off, thanks for all the advice about the booth. i’ve been spending the last few days recuperating. fairs are a catch 22 – you work really hard right before, then go and work hard, and when you get back you’re totally wiped out.  and since i’m not currently doing anything fibery of note, i’ll show you what others are doing.

a cute cute little cap-sleeved bamboo baby belle by Christabel – here’s her blog entry


a short sleeved one from blue ruin. here’s her blog and scroll down. and because i couldn’t link directly here’s the rav link just in case.  wouldn’t want you to miss out ;)


so many baby belle’s being done! expect another post soon.

2 thoughts on “the shorter sleeved

  1. What cute little BabyBelles! Now…I must know if you’re still planning on publishing the little Eggplant sweater pattern sometime? I thought you had mentioned it, but didn’t know how far off it was in the future :-) Anyway, love your work and those that you inspire! I’m a huge fan of your book, it’s sitting right here beside me :-) I’m doing a hat right now and can’t wait to do the embroidery!

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