was fabulous.  amy and i stayed with the lovely hadley of hadley gets crafty (and mr. crafty).  they were wonderfully hospitable and just great.  thanks for everything guys! i think i’ll apply to the holiday show. lovely weather. great crowd. fun city.

that would be a win win win win ;)

here’s the booth
RENEGADE chicago

it was the first time i’d hung anything. i like the way it looks, but i’m not sure how successful it was at selling items.  what do you think?  perhaps i should hang things that people can tell what they are instead of bonnets and headbands… but it did get all of those strings out of the way.  i must keep experimenting.

RENEGADE chicago

and here are some yarns that mostly sold. see that whole two shelves full of yarns and then some? i came home with 2/3 of one shelf left. yikes!

new yarns

waterfall scarf kits
waterfall scarf kits

other things of note:
– meeting  allison of the perknitious blog and eling of traveling rhinos
– wandering around thrift store/resale store shopping
– eating deep dish pizza and french toast fantasy
– playing a lot of apples to apples with our hosts

9 thoughts on “chicago!

  1. I love the picture of your booth! I’ll send you guys the photo I took of you at your station soon – it’s super cute.

    I liked the hanging hats. It gives the roaming eye something to find.

    I didn’t realize you sold so much yarn. That’s awesome!

    Glad you saw the games of apples to apples as a highlight. ;) I’m going to have to find that battleship crazy awesome game you were telling me about. <3

  2. Hey, I was just in Chicago too. Well, actually Schaumberg, IL to go to Stitches Midwest. Were you able to make it to Stitches? I’m curious to hear how it may compare to other Stitches events…

  3. I really like the clothesline effect. I’d thought about doing something like that last year at Christmas but I had nothing to attach the strings on. It looks great with your table!

  4. I love that yarn in the second pic from the bottom, the super colorful one on the right. It seriously brings me joy. I’d love to see it knit up!

  5. I am of two minds about hanging stuff. With the right placement it adds interest and can draw people in; however, for myself anyway, I’m a bit hesitant to really inspect it and consider buying it since it seems more like decoration than an item for sale.

    Congrats on the doing so well at the show.

  6. Your booth looks cute. I do like the hanging items, but maybe have a hat on a “model” near the hanging ones so it can be more easily recognized.

    The booth looks really inviting. It’s easy to walk into and get lost. Well, as much as you can get lost in a 10×10 space. I just love your handspun yarns.

    Congrats on a great weekend!

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