baby eggplant

if you remember, 4 of my friends were expecting this summer.  the second to the last was a little one born to my friend carrie.  i made her this little cardigan (and plan to write up the pattern).

baby eggplant sweater

handspun cvm
recycled american eagle outfitter sweater

baby eggplant sweater

baby clothes are so fun to knit.  i take the measurements of a babe of approximate age and can do whatever i want as long as it has the right dimensions.  what freedom!  and they don’t take much time.

13 thoughts on “baby eggplant

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  2. I love this sweater, and can hardly wait until you get the pattern for us. Could you possibly make the pattern with alternate long sleeves also?

  3. Gorgeous!! I love baby knits, and I feel like everyone I know is pregnant right now, so there’s been lots of baby knitting going on for me, too!! that little sweater is perfect.

  4. completely adorable! lucky baby. i’m really liking purples+greens lately, so i think your color choice is great. i just found out about a friend who is expecting a baby in january, so this could be perfect timing.

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