subtly striped!

selling spinning fiber is not quite like selling yarn.  fiber has to be spun and then knit… and that can be a long process (especially when we take stash into consideration ;). anyhow, some knits from the subtle stripes kits have been showing up and so i thought i’d share them.

janet’s bsj – see blog entry here

abby’s hat – see blog entry here

lovely projects ladies! and thanks for letting me share them. i recommend everyone click through to the blog entries, where there are many more lovely pictures.

7 thoughts on “subtly striped!

  1. Lovely work, from the dyer and the spinner/knitters!

    (and is it just me, or does Abby have the Cosymakes Hat Modelling pose nailed perfectly? :) At first I thought that was you, until I saw the long hair!)

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