handspun hats

first of all, thank you all so much for you enthusiasm about baby belle!  i’m so excited to see them start popping up. tomorrow’s update is going to be some yarn and some hats, since i’m re-opening the accessory shop.

here are two newish handspun ones that will be going up.

reach bucket hat
reach bucket hat

this one was knit the 2 weeks before we moved… when all i could do was pilfer the handspun shop for almost expired handspun and crank out hats.  adult medium/large
PA shetland wool from a sheep named Mackenzie

reach bucket hat

reuse buttonback hat
reuse buttonback hat

this hat used to look like this and be a part of my reduce, reuse recycle series, but it didn’t sell, so i thought i’d remake it

adult medium/large
handspun BFL and some commercial yarn for the brim

you can also wear it a little to the side, like so :)

reuse buttonback hat
maybe i should try smiling… but it’s hot and i’m wearing wool hats and trying to get a good shot before the sun comes out again.

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