handspun baby belle

hi blog readers!
i am writing today to try to cajole some of you into knitting my baby belle design with your own handspun.  for inspiration, jamie just finished her cute one – here’s the rav link!

baby belle

if you are interested, i would provide the pattern for free and there may be extra perks ;) which i will explain when you email me at cosymakes (at) gmail (dot) com or respond to this post in the comments.

p.s. and i’m finally getting my email sorted, so soon i’ll actually respond to your comments again!  woohoo!

21 thoughts on “handspun baby belle

  1. I’d love to! I especially like the genius idea of using handspun for the neckline and ruffle, perfect for showcasing those small amounts of special yarn. I would want to use a commercial yarn for the body and sleeves, though, if that’s okay.

  2. LOVE the sweater. I don’t have any handspun though and do not know where to purchase any. Do you have handspun for sale too? LOVE your new abode also and the cat on the porch. Purrrfect!

  3. Love the sweater, I am a new knitter and so would not be able to do this sweater justice, but would love to know more about handspun yarn…I am picturing Sleeping Beauty…..

  4. OH! I’m in. I want to do it!!! I was looking for a pattern for my friends new baby. I’m a spinner and I (pretty much) only knit with handspun.

    Please share your pattern with me.

  5. Hi Cosy!
    I would love to knit up one. I have so much handspun…most of it from your roving :), and there is a new person that will be coming in October who could really use a warm sweater.

  6. This little sweater is a joy to knit. I really enjoyed making it, and it’s a good project even for those who consider themselves beginners because the instructions are very easy to follow. Plus, it’s small, so if you make a mistake you don’t have to rip back very far to fix it. :)

    Seriously, I loved making it.

  7. This is adorable, I love it. It will look good on any little girl. I think I’d be keen to get the pattern, let me know if it’ll be on Ravelry.

  8. If you’re still looking for people I’d be glad to make one. Much handspun is waiting for projects, and it seems like everyone I know is reproducing.

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  10. I had already posted about the pink one for a certain little girl we both know. I wound the handspun up for the second one last nite. I will do both button bands at once since that is all that is left on the pink one. I love the pattern.

  11. So I’ve been out of town for quite a while. However, I do have lots of handspun languishing and, if you still have a need for knitters, please count me in!

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