new home

apparently we gave up watching this baby robin at our old place

baby robin

for the call of blue jays and a whole pack of feral kittens at this one. so freaking cute. one has a hurt/sunk/blind eye and we call her pirate bootie. she loves being pet and is really curious about coming in our house.  i think she’ll be our adopted outside kitty.  we’re still unpacking, so excuse the mess here on the blog. just thought i’d stop and check in…

and let you know amy and i are going to Renegade Chicago!! we found out yesterday.  i’m a bit in shock.  now i’ve got to get back to folding clothing.  have a great day!

6 thoughts on “new home

  1. Happy nesting!

    You might be able to talk a vet into allowing you to “fix” your adopted kitty for free. My vet did that for me when I adopted/rescued a kitty in grad school. <3

  2. welcome home! I’m so jealous that you’ll be in chicago! If you think you’ll have any extra time, try and make it to Boys Town (the belmont stop on the el) for breakfast at Orange (get the pancake flight) and some great (albeit, sometimes expensive) vintage shopping at ragstock + hollywood mirror. And if you want some good thrift store shopping (and even more delicious pancakes) go to andersonville (the sweedish neighborhood) to the village discount and brown elephant. the neighborhood that renegade happens in is pretty cool, ultra hip and expensive, but still pretty rad. oh I am a jealous girl…

  3. Enjoy settling in and congrats on Chicago! That is so awesome. If you need a futon to crash on on the way, our place in K-zoo is open to you. How exciting!

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