matchy matchy

i have always refused to do matching hats. and then, last night, there was something about how soft the falkland was and something endearing about the little ball i had left… and before i knew it, this had happened.

strawberry sunrise shifting stripes hats

this is an example of my shifting stripes skeins. i hadn’t knit any of these up yet and i’m super pleased with how it turned out. i’ll definitely make more of these yarns.  i didn’t quite have enough yarn, so the bright pink is a bit of malabrigo chunky.

strawberry sunrise shifting stripes hat

it seems that my sanity is contained in knitting with handspun during this move, so i’ll keep stealing it out of the shop. hopefully it won’t all be gone by the time we move in ;)

happy baby pose

14 thoughts on “matchy matchy

  1. Ack! Your head is on fire! Oh, it’s just a super cool hat.

    I love the yarn!

    Hey, by the way, could you share some of your marketing tips? And did you get into Renegade? <3

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  4. I’ve been enjoying your blog. I love this yarn, it is fantastic. I am also drooling over your patterns especially the reflections pattern. You are so talented.

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