as the wheel spins…

yesterday we went to look at the nationality rooms in the cathedral of learning. here are some of the pictures we took that i thought you might enjoy :)

rumpelstiltskin – from the german room

sleeping beauty – from the german room
sleeping beauty
sleeping beauty

from the lithuanian room – called mother education – at one point, they were not to teach their own language, so the mother’s started teaching in the homes
lithuanian room

there were also other beautiful textiles – hand embroidered drapes, hand painted glass, and linen wall panels to name a few.  craft was such a magnificent part of these rooms, from hand carved ceilings and furniture to egg tempra and mural painting.  really worth the tour.

cathedral of learning

4 thoughts on “as the wheel spins…

  1. Cosy:

    You should have stopped by the 18th floor to say hello. I work in the Cathedral! Hope that all is well.

    Jaye :)

  2. wow! Thank you for sharing those photos. We visited the Cathedral during a French club field trip. I wasn’t paying as much attention to spinning then, but I remember being blown away by those rooms. Awesome spot!

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